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March 25
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Requested, but they didn't say anything about a Yandere Fem Ben BUT I attempted to make one without her being Yandere, but this idea was all I could come up that was decent >.< If the person who requested it doesn't enjoy this, I'll try to make a better one.

"Do you think she's real?"

"I don't know. Maybe..."

"Do you think we should give it a try?"



*(Name)'s P.O.V*

You kicked a small pebble with your feet as you walked down the sidewalk towards your home. School was over for the day and you were exhausted from all the assignments and presentations. You were looking forward to a nice beverage and a snack while watching some T.V for a couple hours before heading to bed. Luckily your homework got done in study hall that you went to for an hour after all your classes. You looked around you, that familiar feeling of eyes watching you crept upon your presence. This isn't the first time. Its been happening for some time now. You don't remember when you FIRST felt it, but all that mattered was that you lost your fear of it and now found it just plain annoying. It seems stronger when your near a computer, T.V, or a phone. At first, you were creeped out, then started getting paranoia and start thinking someone might be planning to kill you, but you were sure that if someone was planning on killing you, they would have done it by now. So you just thought it might be some secret admirer with creepy ways and blew it off. You went on with your life like it was normal.

Oh, all this talking, you almost past your house. Well in you go, gotta get this story rollin'!

"What?" I'm the voice in your head (Name). Now stop breaking the fourth wall and get a move on.

Opening the front door into the place you call home, you spot your father on the couch watching some T.V, enjoying himself a cup of coffee. He sent you a smile.

"Hey, son, how's school goin' for ya?" He greets.

"Good, three girls asked me out today." You smirked. It was true, you get asked out all the time. You were quite a popular one. Everybody loved your personality and looks. You were a kind guy, pretty smart, funny, and had a small perverted side, always finding a way to arouse people. You've been asked out by many students, males and females. But you've turned them all down. You just didn't find in interest in any of them. Your dad chuckled.

"More, eh? When ya gonna start datin' one of em?" You scoffed.

"I just don't feel like dating anyone, but that one black-haired chick I may ask out some time. She's a cute one." You smirked again.

"Has she ever asked you out?"

"Once, but I turned it down. But that was last year. She isn't like others. You know, the ones that asked me out 5 times in a week." You crossed your arms. Lots of students have repeatedly asked you out. Even going so far as to bribe you, which you were upset about, being desperate is different than actually loving or liking someone. Your father shrugged and sighed.

"You don't have to date if you don't want to (Name). Love is something you should worry about on your own and should wait till your  ready. But maybe after you finish school you could consider dating." Your fathers words of wisdom ending the conversation and you made your way up the stairs to your bedroom.

"Thanks dad."

~~~~~Timeskippy up up and away!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You were still on your laptop at 11:43 at night, browsing through memes and social networks. Your probably gonna regret not going to bed early when you get into trouble for school in class tomorrow, but whatever. You had a few more love messages on Facebook and Twitter from dome kids at school. Wait was that a teacher that sent that!? What the-

You clicked open another message, this one was from a buddy at your school:

'Hey (Name), dude, you gotta check out this site. It's fucking stupid but funny! Your gonna like it, I know you will.' -(Friends name)

'He's probably drunk again..' You thought with a small chuckle.
You clicked on the link and the computer took you to a site called 'Cleverbot.' You scoffed. You've seen this site a million times. Its a chat thingy you do with a robot that talks to you, like a human, but dumber. You never found much interest in it. You always believe they existed for the people who don't have friends and just want to talk to someone. Or in this case 'something.' You sighed and shook your head. Moving your mouse to the top right corner of the computer screen, you hovered your cursor over the red X your finger ready to press down on the button, but... Cleverbot typed,

'Don't you want to talk to me (Name)?'

Okay now you were beyond creeped out. First off, it won't say anything unless you say something first, or press the 'Think for me' button. And second, how the hell did it know your name? This website is known to say stupid shit, but this was something you weren't expecting at all. You shook it off and clicked the red X button, but it never exited out. Instead... It typed again.

'Why are you leaving so soon (Name)? You haven't even said anything yet!'

You swore you heard a female giggle echo out of your computer after you read that. It sounded a bit glitchy and psychotic as well. Your eyes widen more. You began to click the exit button repeatedly, but it wouldn't exit you out.

'I'm lonely (Name)...'

'Quit trying to leave me (Name)!'

'You'll never get away (Name)!'

You were starting to hyperventilate now, and each sentence got darker and darker.

'We will be together forever!'

'Your going to love me!'

'We'll have so much fun (Name)!'

'Join me (Name)! You'll love it here!'

'I won't be so lonely if you were with me forever!'

By now you gave up trying to close the tab. You move your fingers to the power button and pressed it.
The screen went black, and all the blood pumping furiously in your body eventually slowed to an even pace and your heart beat thumped a steady beat once again. You wiped the sweat from your forehead and moved your laptop off your lap. You stared at the black screen for a while, waiting to make sure nothing will happen again. After a couple minutes of just staring at it, you went to stand up, but the screen flashed a sentence in red.

'You shouldn't have done that (Name)...'

You scrambled away from the computer and onto the floor, scooting back into you hit the wall. A pale hand reached out of your computer screen and grasped onto the sheets of your bed, pulling out the rest of the green clothed body. another hand came out, then the arms, a head that had wet, long blonde hair and a hat you've seen the character from the Legend of Zelda wear. What his name? Link? Yeah, that dude. She craned her head to face you, pulling the rest of her small form out of your laptop. She had no eyes, only two glowing red orbs into the center of her eye sockets, blood pooling out and running down her abnormal pale cheeks. She sent you a dark, psychotic smile before crawling off your bed and walked over to you. You were now unimaginably terrified, thinking this was your end. You wanted to scream, but the fear was so much that you were paralyzed, watching as she giggled and kneeled down in front of you. She quit giggling, but still had that spine-shivering smile plastered on her face. You two just stared at each other for a moment before she lifted a hand to your left cheek. you flinched at her touch, it was deathly cold and slightly wet, causing a shiver to run through you. Her eyelids were half lidded, kind of making her look tired or high. The silence was starting to get unbearable so you spoke, a little over a whisper.

"W-Who are y-you?" You mentally punched yourself for stuttering. She laughed a short glitchy laugh before moving her face close to yours. Her hand never left your cheek, which you wished she would, the coldness was numbing it. She smelt like saltwater and smoke. You held back the urge to scrunch your nose up in disgust.

Call me BENTHE Drowned..." Her lips brushed against yours with every word she spoke. She still had her red orbs gazing into your (Eye colored) pools. Many emotions were swimming in those orbs of hers. One of them being insanity. You tried to move away from her, but she had you stuck between herself and the wall you had your back against. She noticed your movements and her grin slightly faltered.

"(Name)... Don't you love me?" She spoke in a quiet voice. You looked at her in confusion.

"W-what? L-love you? BENTHE I just met you, you came out of my computer, your fucking crazy! Why would you ask such a question!?" You lost some of your fear, now just replaced with annoyance and confusion. Her smile disappeared, replaced with a frown.

"Well if you aren't going to love me, then I'll just make you!" Her grin appeared, but more darker and crazier. She grabbed a hold of your arm and began to harshly drag you back to your computer. You shook your head and began screaming protests.

"(Name)!?" You could hear your mother downstairs call you. She must of heard your screams.

"(Name) Are you alright?" Your fathers voice yelled after, and the sound of footsteps coming followed afoot. BENTHE was already in the screen of your laptop, which looked more like a portal than a laptop screen. You got your arms free, but she got your legs and dragged half your body into the screen. A loud screeching noise boomed through your computer, drowning out your pleas for help. You parents crashed through your bedroom door, just and BENTHE pulled out and dragged the rest of your body into the screen, along with herself. Then, everything went black and silent, but not before you heard the last words from your parents and BENTHE.

"(NAME) MY BABY!" Your mother screamed, you could tell she was already crying.

"He's mine now..." BENTHE giggled...

~Extended ending~

You awoke on some that felt like a cold hard ground. Opening your eyes, you were met with a terrifying image of a moon with a face on it. You jumped and quickly sat up, almost ramming your head with the blonde elf-looking female. Wait...

Looking up at the head you almost collided with, BENTHE stared down at you with that same spine-chilling smile. She sat down on you, straddling your hips and pushed her face close to yours.

"Now no one can take you away from me..." And pressed her deathly cold lips to yours...
I'm not sure if this needs to have a warning...
I need to find a way to make longer stories. I make awefully short short stories...
This was a requested story *facepalm* I must remind myself to write down the username of who requested what so I can give them credit! GAH dammit... I'll start that someday. Here's a Yandere female BEN for ya. I want to see more Yandere creepypastas after this. C'mon peoples join me on making Yandere creepypasta's :D

Story: me *credit to the person who requested it, your a genius my friend*
BEN: Jadusable
You: Fem!BEN

*I don't take free requests anymore but the person who requested this doesn't pay me anything because when it was requested I wasn't paying then*
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