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The first character I will do is Ticci Toby for 'The New Killer' Series. He is teaching you the ropes on how to kill his way! Kind of... Your mostly just having fun!


The waffle-loving proxy burst through the door, grabbing your hand and practically drags you out of the mansion, and out into the forest that surrounded your home. None of the others were around besides Slendy who you guys passed by. They must've already were out for their nightly kills. You eventually got to your feet after stumbling and trying to keep up with the twitching male with him still having his grip on your hand.

"Whoa whoa whoa, slow down Tobes! Where are we going?" You panted, finally running to his side. He glanced at you, noticing your struggles to keep up with him. He slowed down to speed walking.

"Slendy chose me to be your new trainer until you can go out killing on your own!" He did a single bounce, looking at you then back in front of him.

"Oh, alright then. Sounds good." You said calmly, but inside you were happy you got him as your trainer, you secretly had a small crush on him, but its been growing stronger lately. You guys started to pick up speed, heading towards the nearest town.

~~Time skip?~~~

You arrived at a small town, nice and quiet. It was one of those towns where it was small enough to where everybody knew each other, big big enough to hold a good amount of people. Everything was silent besides the occasional breeze to sway the trees and bushes, making their leaves make a soft rustling noise and you and Toby's quiet footsteps as you made your way down multiple streets, looking for a good house.

All the houses had their lights off and where completely silent, not even a single car has past by. It was as if it was abandon and dead. The only hints given to show that it was still alive with people where the cars parked in driveways or on the side of the road in front of houses. And the front porch lights and lawn lights were on. Toby began humming a quiet tune while looking at every house.

"So, what are looking for?" You asked. Surely it shouldn't take this long to find a house. He quit humming and looked at you.

"Just finding a good house is all." He looked at the houses before spotting a greyish or a dull white house a few houses down from where you stood. He pointed at it. "That one looks pretty interesting, we shall go to that one." He grabbed your hand, which made your cheeks warm up with a pink tint. He led you across the street, not bothering to look both ways since it was completely empty. He stopped in front of it and looked back at you through his orange tinted goggles, which slightly glowed a bit in the dim street light.

"First off, I'm not sure what Slendy taught you, I'm assuming just stalking a crap, but my job, I have to get up close and personal with my killings. So, to get into a house that you plan on murdering everyone in, you want to make sure to not enter when the eyes of other people can easily see. So, instead of picking the lock on the front door or front windows, lets go to the back yard." He explained, leading you around the house. "You should always find a quiet entrance as well." He added.

A wooden fence surrounded the backyard of the house, which left you two climbing over it silently. As you were dusting your clothes off and plucking a couple splitters from your palms, you noticed that Toby was frozen still, looking towards the house. You slowly looked over towards it, spotting what he was staring at intently.

A large dog was curled up in front of the back door, sleeping. It was probably a German Shepard or a Rottweiler. You couldn't quite tell since they didn't have a back door light on and it was pretty much pitch black since the sky was slightly cloudy. The only light given was from the moon. You can see why he was like that, you guys didn't know if it was trained to attack anyone they think may be a threat or not.

"Maybe it's an old dog. I mean, it didn't wake up when we passed the fence..." You whispered, your eyes still trained on the dog. Toby made a 'hm' sound before taking a quiet step. The dog didn't move from its curled up spot by the door. "Maybe its dead?" You shrugged. Toby scoffed. It was obvious it wasn't. Through the darkness, you could tell his body slowly rose and fell as if it was breathing so it was safe to say the dog was still alive. Toby turned to look at the closest window to where you guys stood, which was luckily the farthest from the dog. He looked at you.

"Well, lets go through that window-" He pointed to the window he was staring at, "as quietly as possible, and hope we don't wake it up, Alright?" He whispered through his mouth guard. You nodded obligingly and followed him quickly to the window. You arrived there no less than 30 seconds or maybe even a minute, and the most movement the dog made was an ear twitch and to scratch his neck with his hind paw. You looked through the window. It was a kitchen window, just above the empty sink. You checked to see if it was unlocked, which luckily was. You smirked. Most people forget to lock the small window above there sinks in the kitchen. Opening it as quiet as you can, Toby helped you up into the window and you put a foot in the sink and the other on the counter beside it and slowly made your way down to the tiled floor with a silent thud. Toby quietly but quickly followed. You looked around the kitchen as Toby came in. You looked back at him, just in time as he had one of his tics, causing his foot on the counter to move just enough to bump into a glass cup. A silent gasp left both of your mouths as it fell off the counter, but luckily you caught it just a few inches from the floor. A sigh escaped from you and him. You put the cup back on the counter noiselessly. He steadied himself onto the floor and looked at you.

"Ah, sorry for that..." He murmured, itching the back of his head. You sent him a reassuring smile, even though he couldn't see it.

"Don't be, it's not your fault." You gave him a soft pat on the shoulder, before turning back to the task at hand, just barely missing the glowing blush on his face, though you wouldn't of been able to see it anyways in this darkness.

You stepped out into the living room, looking around for a bit before calmly walking up the stairs, Toby trailing behind.

"(Y/N) I'm suppose to be the one leading the way!" Toby whispered yelled, walking up beside you. You just shrugged. As you made it too the second to last step, a cat came sauntering around the corner towards the stairs, making you jump a bit. You could here Toby beside you stifle a laugh as the cat just stared at the two of you with seemingly glowing green eyes. It eventually just past by between you two, making its way to where ever. You half-heartedly glared at the brown haired male beside you. He shook his head.

"Sorry, sorry." He said, amusement in his voice. You just rolled your eyes and made your way up the rest of the stairs.

Coming up to the first door, you reached for the handle and slowing turned it. You peeked your head in and looked towards the bed. Two people laid asleep on the comfortable mattress, blankets pulled over them as they slept peacefully. You opened the door a little wider, and took a step in. You could feel Toby just behind you, looking at the couple as well. He slightly tugged your arm.

"Let's check the other rooms in case there's more people." He whispered, ever so softly into your ear, before walking down the hallway toward the other rooms, you following. There was only two other rooms, besides a bathroom and an office, which were completely empty besides a few boxes and stuff. They must be new here. What a shame.

You and Toby made your ways back to the couples room, the fluffy grey cat was back and kept rubbing against yours and Toby's legs. The twitching male bent down a stroked it a few times, as it let out a soft purr. Its not everyday a cat comes asking for loving to a couple of killers who were planning on taking their lives away. After a couple moments of scratching behind the ears of the cat, you gently pushed it aside and continued on to the room, but the cat followed. You opened the door quietly and slipped in, not noticing the cat followed in with Toby before it hopped onto the bed and made itself cozy between its owners. You inaudibly sighed, looking towards Toby who handed you one of his Hatchets.

"I have a knife." You whispered to him, pulling it out of your hoodie but he stopped you.

"I'm going to teach you how to use it." He said, a couple twitches following afterwards. You shrugged and took the hatchet. You turned back to the couple, just in time to watch the male stir a bit in his sleep, making you and Toby freeze. He stopped, his back now facing you while a light snore came from him. A sigh zipped past yours and Toby's lips. You and the brown haired male exchanged glances before tip-toeing up to the bed. He went around towards the female's side and looked at you. Pulling down his mouth guard, he spoke quietly.

"I really don't have a certain area I hit at or how I end them, I usually just hatch away until I'm positive they're dead." You shrugged.

"Alright, but can we have a little fun this time?" You asked, just as quietly. He gave you a look, as if he was thinking before nodding.

"Sure. Why not."

~~~~~~~~~Time skip Unicorn AWAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!~~~~~~

Sprinting through the forest back to the Slender Mansion, you and Toby had to out run the police. You went to three more houses, killing the residences after the first one for no particular reason. Well, you don't have a particular reason for killing anybody anyways, but whatever, back to the story. At the last house, one of the victims got a hold of the phone and was able to contact the police before You and Toby finished her off. Or was it a him? You couldn't really tell with his or her screaming. It sounded feminine. You lost the police a long time ago, you guys were just running and laughing. Eventually, your legs started getting tired and you guys had to rest against a tree, still laughing.

"That was the most fun I have ever had!" You chimed happily, pushing some of your hair out of your face. Toby nodded in a agreement, as he panted, getting the air back in his lungs.

"We should do this again." He panted, sending you a warm smile, since he pulled his mouth guard down to gulp in the cool air. You nodded vigorously, smiling back. You two just sat in peaceful silence for a bit, just enjoying each others company and the few breezes that swept by, cooling you off. You stared at the star-littered sky between the branches of the trees, admiring the beauty of the little lights spread across the night sky. You and Toby reeked with the stench of blood and death, but you didn't care. You were used to it, being Creepypasta's and all. A content sigh flowed out of your mouth as you closed your eyes, the only noises heard were the occasional cricket, leaves brushing against each other and you and Toby's calm breathing. Once in awhile the noise of Toby having a twitch came by.

"Hey (Y/N)?" Toby broke the silence with a soft call of your name.

"Hm?" You hummed, letting him know you were listening since you stayed in the same position and kept your eyes closed. He didn't say anything after that, making you open your eyes and look at him. He was staring at you, his orange tinted goggles resting on his forehead and his mouth guard tucked below his chin. His face was closed to yours. You gave him a confused look.

"Do you- Hmmpf!" Your sentence was cut off by a pair of cool lips smashing against yours. You stared wide-eyed at the closed eye-lids of Toby's, before fluttering them shut and kissing him back. His index and thumb held your chin in place, his other hand got tangled in your hair, pulling you closer and deepening the kiss. Your hands shot up to his ruffled up brown hair, getting lost in the softness of it. He brushed his tongue against your bottom lip, pleading for entrance. You were too tired to fight, so you spread your lips apart enough for his pink muscle to shoot in and explore your wet cavern. A soft moan of delight rumbled from your throat as you pressed yourself closer to him. A small shiver of pleasure from hearing your moan ran across Toby's spine. Unfortunately, your lungs started to scream for oxygen, causing you and Toby's lips to depart just an inch apart, a string of saliva connected to each of your mouths for a few seconds before snapping. You and him stared at each other through half-lidded eyes, panting slightly for air.

"W-what was that for...?" You asked. He blinked slowly.

"I think I love you..." He mumbled, starting to pull away, guessing you didn't feel the same, but you grabbed his hands and pulled him into another passionate kiss before replying, your lips brushing against his.

"I love you too..."

~*Extended Ending*~


"Took them ages to get together!"

"They do make a cute couple."

"When's the wedding?"

"Screw the wedding! When are they going to fuck?"


"Hahaha!" A the elf boy ran off, Jeff chasing after, leaving a flustered Hoody, Masky, and Slendy as they stayed behind the tree they were hiding at from the two kissing couple a few feet away, oblivious to there presence.
Ticci Toby for the New Killer series. :D
FINALLY GOT A PART UP FOR THAT SERIES! My brain has been slowed and has run out of ideas is all, sorry.

Yay! Toby Y U SO CUTE!?!?! I just freaking love him!!! :iconsnugplz:
Hope ya love this story! I enjoyed writing it!
Don't worry, you shooed the cat away so it didn't have to see the death of its owners ;)
I own the cat now :iconevillaughplz:



Toby: Kastoway
BEN: Jadusable
Jeff: I don't know but it's not me
Slendy: Ditto ditto
Masky and Hoody: Marble Hornets.
You:  Me Toby
Story, the cat, and the dog: :iconcandiproductions:
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