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AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA Fem/Male reader- you choose

*(Name)'s P.O.V*

For some reason, lately you've been getting a strange feeling. That feeling that makes you shift from foot to foot uncomfortably, making the hairs on your neck rise and goosebumps chilling your arms. That feeling that makes you look around your surroundings because you feel eyes boring hole into you. You feel it almost 24/7. Sometimes, you would wake up at night because the feeling was so strong. You've been paranoid as well, triple checking to make sure every window, door was locked, even boarding up windows you never use, because you swear you here footsteps around your house. Sometimes, you catch a glimpse of a tan jacket or white out of the corner of your eye when your walking to and from home and school. You were seriously considering calling the police, but then again, you had no evidence to prove you were being stalked. Just strange feelings and noises.

Right now, it was 4:30, and you were walking home from a tiring day at school. You would be home sooner, but you were caught sleeping in class once again and had to stay for detention. Damn you English teacher... -.-

Anyways, you wore your (fav color) hoodie, hood up and trying to hide as much of yourself as possible, hoping whatever was stalking you wouldn't notice you. But strangely, you didn't feeling eyes on you. Not even the sound of faint footsteps, which usually makes you whirl around and check for anything suspicious. You weren't sure if you should be relieved or terrified. But it did make you walk faster, gripping the straps of your backpack tight enough to make your knuckles turn white.

Luckily, you didn't live quite too far from school, which you were grateful for. You sighed happily, watching your beloved home come into view. It would be better if your family was home more often... It was a shame your only sister, Candi, was moved out and living in her own home with her own life and family, and parents always going on those stupid business trips, which just pissed you off more. Why couldn't they get a job that stuck local, and not off in other cities and crap!? Oh well, ya can't get everything you want in life, even if you wished to.

You sighed, opening the front door after unlocking it and stepped in. All the lights were off, but it wasn't dark, sunlight streamed through the windows, keeping it lit up. But for some odd reason, it seemed a little too quiet...

You stood by the door for a few minutes, your left shoe just dangling off your foot from when you started taking it off like the other one. You scan the area with your eyes, not daring to make a movement. You looked at the kitchen, then the stairs, then the hallway that led to the living room. It seemed darker than the rest of the house, possibly because there was no windows in it. You blinked, shaking it off and pulling the shoe off, dropping you backpack against the wall. You went to the kitchen, quickly grabbing an apple and heading to the living room.

Entering the hallway, you took a turn, just about to enter the living room.

But froze.

Your (eye color) orbs widen, your body tensed up like a statue, apple up to your parted lips, one foot in front of the other, paused from your walk.

A male, in a tan jacket, a mask, with feminine features covered his face, some brown or brunette hair poking out from on top of his head. The curtains were drawn shut, making the living room dark like the hallway. He sat as still as you were on the couch. You couldn't even tell if he was breathing he was so still. You started to wonder if it was even a real person. Your apple dropped from your grasp to the floor. You took a step back, ready to run off and call the police. But the stranger must of caught your movements, because he lunged at you, as fast as possible. You let out a scream, running down the hall and out to the kitchen, him following.

"LET ME LOVE YOU (NAME)!!!!" He screamed, hands out stretched in front of him as he tried to grab you. You ran around the whole house, completely forgetting you own a fucking front door as he screamed the same sentence over and over.

"LET ME LOVE YOU! LET ME LOVE YOU! LET ME LOVE YOU!!" Eventually, it clicked in your head, to use the GAWD DAMN FRONT DOOR! and ran down the stairs, skipping three at a time. You lunged for the front door, hand gripping the door knob.

A force pushed you against the door, forcefully removing your hand from the knob. A chest pressed against your back, a head resting on your shoulder. Your throat hurt from screaming, so you could only pant, gulping air and your face was smashed against the door. Arms snaked around you waist. A dark chuckle rumbled from the masked figures chest and out his lips hidden under the mask.

"Your not going anywhere, until I show you my love (Name)..." He whispered, sending shivers through your spine, a whimper leaving your parched lips.

And he chuckled, snuggling you close to his chest like a teddy bear...
I regret nothing.

Neffy: Candi owns nothing but the story and Candi!
Ness: Masky here belongs to Marble Hornets and You currently belong to Masky, or yourself if you don't want to be his. Which ever. ^.^
Candi: Woo! I don't own the preview image/GIF either.

Damn, looking up GIFs gives me really good ideas for stories! I should do it more often!!

Thanks for reading~! Miku and Luka (Brofist) [V1] 
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MoonlightHunter1012 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Masky : LET ME LOVE YOU Let me hug you!  
ME : NUUU *runs away*Run Away 
Masky : *chases me*Chase 
Me : *slams face into door* GOD DAMMITIsuzu Slamming Head Icon 
Masky : *Bear Hugs me * <3 I LOVE CHU MOON Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] 
Me : -_-"I love you too maskyPikachu sighs 
Masky : *Cuddles harder* <<<3hug 
Me :  help meUUGH 
LittleAtlantis Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Me: **turns into a cat and hops onto his lap** There =w=
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Oh gosh
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BlueKitten06 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
me: -runs away- no! Don't you dare hu- -gets hugged- -.- I hate you
Masky: -huggles-
Me: ....
Satoru: .... -pulls me away- She's mine...
Kitteh19 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  New member Student Writer
I died from this XD
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I laughed way to hard //hugs kk because I want to//

Karkat:what are you doing?

Loving you?
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