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March 12
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" "=Speaking out loud
'' =Thinking

*_____'s P.O.V*
A large yawn bubbled from your throat as you stretched your tired, achy muscles. You had a rough day at school, and your teachers just HAD to pile a crap-load of homework on you students just before winter break.
'Such nice teachers...' You thought sarcastically. Lifting yourself out of your desk chair, you dragged yourself to your Insert fav color here bed. Flopping yourself onto the warmth of your covers, not caring to change into PJ's, you made yourself comfortable and let out another large yawn, drifting off into your dreams.



You woke with a start at the sound of glass shattering followed by a male voice cursing. You fell off your bed, landing on the [Carpet/rug/hard floor] with a thud. You quickly scrambled up, checking the glowing red numbers on your digital clock, reading
1:45 AM. You snatched the pocket knife out of your pocket, seeing it wasn't there. Soft footsteps were coming near your closed bedroom door. You checked your bed to see if the knife was there, but the footsteps were nearing, so you gave up and just scampered into your closet, softly closing the closet door, just as your bedroom door creaked open.

*???'s P.O.V.*

"Fuck..." I cursed, accidentally hitting my knee on a small table against the hallway wall, knocking off a lamp or vase or whatever in the process. It's pretty much pitch black in the hallway I'm in, besides the little light from the moon that was coming through the window I came in through. I'm sure whoever lives here knows of my presence now... I'm not skilled at this as my brother is, but I'll get the hang of it soon. I heard a thud sound coming from the end of the hall in a at a closed door. It sounded like a body hitting the ground. I'm must of startled them right out of bed. Haha, wait till I'm done with 'em, then they be terrified. I twirled the knife I had in my hand playfully. I stole it from a family who I killed a few years back. The hospital scissors were a lot duller than a large knife, and didn't get a job done fast or bloody enough. That, and brother used a knife when he tried to kill me Once Upon a Time Ago.
'I wonder if he knows I'm alive...' A little part of me hopes that he knows, but the rest thought it be better off if he didn't. 'He may try and kill me again.'
I got to the end of the hall, slowly creaking the door open as quiet as possible, just as the sound of a another door softly closing from inside the room.
'Yep, they definitely know I'm here.' I smirked, closing and locking the door behind me.

*______'s P.O.V*

Of course! The time an intruder enter your home, is when your parents decided to go out and spend some time with friends. They should be back by now... Hmm, probably got drunk and crashed at one of their friends place. You swallowed your tears, trying to stay quiet as possible. You shoved yourself into the farthest corners in your small closet, your knees to your chest and your head buried in your knees, listening to the slow footsteps walk around your room. You were trembling, trying to think of happy thoughts as best as possible.

*???'s P.O.V* (You probably already know who the intruder is, do you? xD)

I know they're in the closet, but I decided to have a little fun and pretended that I was leaving the room and 'searching' the room. I unlocked the door and creaked it open, but waited out in the hall, so when they come out, I could scare them even more than they already are...

*_____'s P.O.V*

You don't know how long you've been in your closet since you heard the intruder walk out. Maybe a good 5 to 10 minutes, but it was for safety precautions, just so you didn't come out and whoever decided to break in wasn't still inside your home. You gathered your courage, after hearing complete silence for another 5 minutes, you stood up shakily and crept towards the door. Opening it slowly, you tip-toed to your bed, just to find that pocket knife for defense. You quickly but quietly flipped over your pillows, blankets, checked the floors, and under your bed.

*???'s P.O.V* (Why am I still putting ? there... -.-)

From my hiding spot, I could see a young female with messy [insert hair color and length]. She was still wearing her day-time clothes, and was hastily messing her bed up as if she was searching for something. She was a cute one, I'd have to say. I never really spent time to stare at my victims. I just come, kill, and leave. I only did it to quench the thirst of seeing people's blood spill and the entertainment in seeing them in fear and screaming for mercy. I wondering if Jeff enjoyed my suffering... I shook the depressing thought away and watched the female get off the floor from looking under her bed. She held a shiny object in her hand- Wait no... A...A pocket knife, that's what she's holding. She's probably going to check the house for me now. She's coming towards the door... She hasn't spotted me...

She turned the corner, the opposite way from me. I didn't get to see much of her face, its too damn dark. She was creeping towards the living room... I slowly followed after her, my shoes making no noise. I was just breathing down her neck, as she spun around, flipping the light on, and staring at me in horror. I love it when they do that...

*_____'s P.O.V*

 You finally found your precious knife, and quietly made your way to your bedroom door. The whole time, it felt like someone was watching you. God, you hoped they weren't hiding... You turned the corner, deciding to check the living room first. The whole time, the watching feeling never left, but just as you reached for the light switch, a icy cold breath tickled your neck, sending shivers down your spine. As fast as humanly possible, you snapped on the light and spun around, meeting the a psychotic, icy blue gaze of a dirty blonde hair male, who shoved you to the ground harshly. The breath was knocked out of you as you made contact with the living room floor. He towered over you, a gleaming knife in his left hand. He wore a black jacket, with a dark blue and black striped scarf and dark brown trousers. He had stitches on either side of his lips, as if he or someone slashed a blade through his cheeks in a upwards formation, creating a smile, and then sewn it shut to prevent infection. He laughed a low, psychotic laughed, before sitting on you stomach, straddling your hips as he lifted the knife above his head. But he froze, the insane smile that played his lips vanished into a surprised formation, his chilling blue gaze soften, locking with your terrified [insert eye-color here] orbs. After a couple of minutes of just staring at each other, you had a look of confusion on your face as the silver blade he had, ready to stab you, dropped from his grip, and his arms just fell to his sides. Was... was that a blush on his cheeks. You were frozen in shock beneath him, not enjoying the position you were currently in, even if he held some attractiveness to him.

*???'s P.O.V* (Fuck me, this is the last time I'm making it ???'s P.O.V -.-)

I...I couldn't do it... She was...
I can't even explain it...
Her hair, her eyes, her skin.... Everything... It was...


What is this feeling? am I... Am I falling for my victim..?

NO! I can't! I'm suppose to watch this perfection scream for mercy, a-a-a-and watch her choke on her own blood, and lie in a sea of red, made just for her...! I... I don't like this feeling... But at the same time, it feels wonderful...
I'm suppose to put her through pain and then kill her, not wanting to hold her close and protect her! Brother would disapprove...

Wait... What am talking about... this why I kill...? Because brother does it...? Because...Jeff...does it?

I can't possibly be still going on about him, could I? Well it seems like it...
No Liu... He's not your brother anymore.. He's just a psychopath, wanting nothing more than to kill innocent...people...

Like me...

"NO!" I clutched my head and squeezed my eyes shut, my head hurt. "I'M SUPPOSE TO BE THE BIG BROTHER! I'M SUPPOSE TO WATCH AFTER HIM AT MAKE SURE HE GROWS UP LIVING A GOOD LIFE!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!! ITS ALL MY FAULT! ITS ALL MY FAULT!!" I screamed, tears running down my scarred face and dripping onto the girls shirt and chest. I scrambled off her, still clutching head and scooted into the nearest corner of the living room, burying my face in my knees, forgetting about the pretty girl, not caring if she killed me, or called the police.
"I deserve it anyways..." I mumbled, sobbing uncontrollably...

*_____'s P.O.V*

"NO!" Your captor grabbed a hand full of his hair with both hands and clutched his eyes shut and shook his head side to side rapidly. You were beyond terrified now. "I'M SUPPOSE TO BE THE BIG BROTHER! I'M SUPPOSE TO WATCH AFTER HIM AND MAKE SURE HE GROWS UP LIVING A GOOD LIFE!! WHAT HAVE I DONE! ITS ALL MY FAULT!! ITS ALL MY FAULT!!" He pushed himself into the corner just a couple steps away from where you still laid, watching him hide his face in his knees and sob. You lost your fears, and curiosity and concern took its place.
'Brother?' You didn't expect him to scream out something about brothers or doing something, but it happened, and you were stuck figuring it all out on your own.
'maybe I should call the police...' You thought.
"I deserve it anyways..." You heard the blonde man mumble between sobs.
'Deserve what?' He didn't say anything after that, only sobbing more. 'Must be thinking to himself...' You shrugged it off, slowly getting up. You turn towards the small side table besides the couch, where the phone sat on the receiver, but a huge wave of guilt hit you like no tomorrow. You don't know why, you just met the guy, and it wasn't the most kindest meetings either, you didn't even know the guy, yet here you are, kneeling in front of him, rubbing his back in an attempt to comfort him. Luckily his knife was out of his reach so you hand some chance of escape if he tried to attack again. Eventually his sobs turned into whimpers and sniffles, but his head stayed buried in his knees as he clutched the front of your shirt for comfort like a little kid as you rested your head on his shoulder.
"I-I'm sorry..." He said quietly, slightly muffled by his face still pressed into his knees.
"W-what..?" I don't think you heard correctly...
"I-I'm sorry for trying to kill you... I don't know what's wrong with me... I don't want to be like brother anymore... I don't want to be like Jeff..." You assumed Jeff was his brother. Now that you think about, you heard that name before...
Jeff...Jeff... Jeff, it was on T.V...
Jeff, umm... Jeff...
"Jeff the Killer..." You spoke his name quietly. Just by the name, sent chills down your spine. He was known for being a serial killer.
"Yep... That's my brother..." Your eyes widen. Jeff... He, he had a brother... you saw it on the news years ago! Something about a family being killed and one of the family members going missing after a freak accident at a little kids birthday party with him.
"But... But you..." You stuttered.
"Should be dead... But I'm not, I lived but I don't believe Jeff knows..." He spoke a little louder this time.
"...Oh..." You didn't know what to do. But one question popped up in your mind.
"What are you going to do now, since, well, you know... Said you don't want to kill anymore..." Now you feel bad for asking, he's already stressed as it is... Thanks _____! -.-
"...I don't know... Turn myself in I guess... I've done wrong, there's no point in going into hiding if I have nothing left... My family is dead, besides Jeff, I have no friends, I wouldn't doubt it if Jeff ever tried to kill me again if he found me..." For some reason, you felt even more horrible then you already did. He doesn't deserve this!
"Its my fault Jeff is like this... I should of done something to protect him from those Bastards!" He started to tear up again.
"Shhh...shh.. Its not your fault its the bastards fault." You didn't have a single clue who the bastards were, but for his sake its the best you could do at the moment.
"Yes it is... He never deserved this life... I'm the big brother! I should've stopped them when it happened!"
"If it'll help you, would you like to talk about it?" You asked softly, hoping to relieve the stress he seems to have carried for years.
He nodded, and started his story.

~~Timeskip after story, sorry I'm not sure how to write someone else's story in a different characters P.O.V just go read Jeff the Killers story and you'll understand >.<~~~

After his story, he was a sobbing mess again, and hadn't lifted his face from his knees since he crawled into the corner. It was around 3 and Liu,(learn his name during his story) Had fell asleep, leaning against you. The sound of familiar voices outside the front door were heard.
'My parents are finally home...Wait... OH SHIT LIU!' You started to shake Liu awake, repeatedly whispering his name.
"Liu, Liu! My parents are home, you gotta get out of here!" He stirred and opened his eyes tiredly.
"H-huh...?" He looked at you, rubbing his right eye, which looked kinda cute.
"My parents, there home! If they see you in here, they're going to freak! Not just because your a guy and I'm a girl, but your a killer, or used to be, I'm sure they've seen you on T.V! I don't want my parents thinking-" Liu was already off the ground and heading towards the back window he came from, you trailing behind. The sound of keys rattling and entering the front door was heard as Liu was exiting the house and into your backyard.
"Wait, Liu!" He looked at you, with a look of panic, sadness, and sleepiness.
"Don't you fucking dare turn yourself into the police, and you come visit me again sometime, alright?" You demanded, a playful but serious look on your face. His face lit up a bit as he quietly chuckled.
"Of course [Insert name here]..." And with that, he ran off into the forest behind your house, looking back once to give you a wave, a wink, and a happy smile.

I enjoyed making this... Really! I apologize if I got Liu wrong, I don't know much about him since he really wasn't in the original JTK story much...

Liu and Jeff the Killer belong to the rightful owners of them
You belong to Liu, or yourself, or me...
Your parents belong, themselves...
This story belongs to me

I hope you enjoyed my attempt to create a Liu x Reader story!
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