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April 11
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Before we get started, I just want to make it known, this has nothing to do with the first Child!Proxies x Reader. I read this hilarious comment on that story, she gave me another idea for this story by sending that comment~! This can be a male or female reader.

Three 8 year old proxies sat on the couch in the living room of the Slender Mansion. The eyes hidden behind orange tinted goggles, and masks, were glued onto the T.V, which played a child's show. You were in the kitchen, making dinner for the munchkins which consisted of hamburgers. If your wondering why Slender has 8 year old proxies, then here's an explanation. They weren't always like this. Slender, you, and the three don't know how they became children. A week ago, you were on your way over to the mansion after school since you live here, and just walked into a mansion that was a complete mess and three children in the middle of it. Slender arrived not too long after you, and let's just say he was quite angry. You had to stop him from almost killing the three. Which was kind of hard, seeing that he had tentacles and they began to freak and cry like the little children they became at Slender's rage. Never in your life have you had such a horrible headache...

 But enough about that, right now, you were setting the table for dinner, humming a short tune from a kid show that plays on T.V a lot. You don't remember what it was called, or what it was about, but the jingle was stuck in your head. It must have been the same for the three out in the living room as well 'cause you've caught them humming the tune as well when your around them. Slender was out stalking his latest victim, leaving you to care for the proxies.

"Guys, dinners done!" You hollered, setting the hamburgers out on the table. Small, footsteps thumped towards the kitchen, soon entering and coming towards the table.

"Can we have cheesecake after dinner, (Name)?" Masky spoke, his childish voice making you mentally squeal at his cuteness.

"Of course." You replied, taking a seat next to Ticci Toby, who pleasantly smiled up at you, unnoticeably scooting his chair a tad closer to yours. They removed the objects blocking there mouths from their faces, and began to dig in.


After the meal and dessert, you had given them their daily baths and set them to the bedrooms for bedtime. Slender was still out, and you had the house to yourself. You spent a good ten, maybe twenty minutes watching T.V, before deciding to head to bed. On your way there, you past by a certain proxies room, hearing noise coming from it. You paused, and backed up, silently and gently putting your ear to the door. You heard the sound of giggling, before a certain tune started playing. But this time it had words...

'My Little Proxies..
My Little Proxies..
My Little Proxies!
I used to wander what killing could be!
My Little Proxies!
Till' the creepyasta's showed me!
Killing people is so much fun!
Especially with a hatchet or gun!
Sharing knifes is an easy thing!
With slendy we can all believe!
Yeah, My Little Proxies!
I'll Shout it out to my very best friends~!'

Your jaw-dropped. You heard those voices before. After there little 'singing session' they laughed. You could hear they were trying to be as quiet as possible. A small smile grazed your lips.

You looked down at your phone, ending the record button.

Oh how you were so going to black-mail them with this when they're back to normal.
A big, great thanks to- :iconchristianthecat: for her amazing song! You deserve a llama, I'll be sending you one as soon as I post this gurl! She made the 'My little Proxies' song in one of her comments she posted in my other story, and it gave me this idea! It isn't a long story, I guess this is a drabble of fluffiness. x3

Neffy: We are not sure who owns Slender, but Marble Hornets is the owners of Masky and Hoody. Though Hoody didn't play much of a part in this story, but he was still there.
Evanna: Ticci Toby belongs to the amazing Kastoway!
Luna: This story belongs to my big sister Candi!
Candi: The song belongs to Christian, go check her out 'cause she's just that amazing!
Kizami: We hope you enjoyed this story, feedback, favs, and comments are always welcome!
All: :iconbowplz:
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