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Sequel to: "Gone" A BEN Drowned x Male!Reader

A thunder storm rumbled outside, the flash of lightning would illuminate your room through the curtains once in a while. The noise of thunder and rain pounding against the roof and ground were drowned out of your ears, since you had music blasting in them through your beloved (fav color) headphones. You were checking over your social networking sites, the same sites you and BEN used to make fun of since you guys didn't need them back when it was just you two. Now your sitting on your bed, head slightly bobbing to your favorite song, chuckling here and there at some of the comedic things your friends had posted, chatting with them all while your mother made dinner downstairs in the kitchen.

You all just chatted about random things, pictures you've seen, memes that related to each other, made fun of each other, the usual. This went on for about an hour or so, before each one went off to do something better. Though running outside in the storm didn't sound like a good idea... But Kizami thought it was and that's what he went off to do. Fucking retard... -.-

You were just about to shut down your computer, but a tab opened up before you could react. You didn't think much of it. This happened a lot, advertisements popping up and shit. You just closed them and went on with your life, but just as you were about to hit the red X on the top right corner, you noticed it opened up to cleverbot. You've heard of this site. It was just a silly website you and Luke fucked around on one time instead of doing your research assignment for English. You shrugged it off, but what happened next slightly disturbed you.

Cleverbot: I remember the times we used to make fun of those social network sites. Now look at you, always on one every chance you get.

You stared at the message wide-eyed, shocked. What you remember from the one time you've been on, is that you have to respond first, then it will reply, unless you click the 'Think for me!" Button. But your cursor was over the X on your computer. You blinked, assuming that maybe it was just some stupid computer problem or your just crazy. But it responding again.

Cleverbot: Not going to talk (Name)? You should. I am your best friend after all...

Now you were beyond shocked. How the hell did this computer shit know your name!? Why was it calling him your best friend? You shook your head and responded back.

Username- Who the fuck do you think you are, calling me something we aren't, knowing my name, and knowing what I do!?

It was a stupid answer really, believing whatever this shit was was actually going to give you an answer. Your swore you heard a faint chuckle come from your computer. You quickly lashed off your headphones, though the music you were listening to quit playing long ago when you were still chatting with your buddies on (Fav/random social network site). You sat up, and bore holes into your computer screen.

Cleverbot: You already know (Name). Unless... You forgot about me...

For some strange reason, you started to feel a sense of guilt build in the pit of your stomach after reading that. Was there someone you forgot?

Username: I don't know what your talking about....

Cleverbot: Of course you do. We were inseparable. We went through thick and thin together. Well, expect the one thing that separated us...

You stared at your computer, reading that message over and over again, confused. A chilling feeling of being watched crept upon you, making you shiver.

Cleverbot: Why didn't you help me? Why did you let me die? Where were you? Why didn't you die too!?

It started to get cold, and a feeling of dread swelled up inside you, like never before. You just wanted to crawl into a corner and cry. Your trembling now, you didn't understand these questions that were bombarding you by someone or something as if you knew the answers.

Cleverbot: You said you'll be there for me! You said you wouldn't let them hurt me! Why!? Why did you lie!?

The room seemed to grow darker, the only thing visible was whatever the screen from the laptop shone on, which, right now, was the terrified, confused look on your face.

Cleverbot: I met with a terrible fate (Name)...

You shoved the computer away from you, holding your knees to your face. Nothing happened after that. You were whimpering and held your face in your knees, rocking back and forth, as if the small movement would bring some sort of comfort, like it did when you were younger and your mother would gently rock you back in forth. The only noise was the sound of thunder and the padding of rain outside, along with your fearful whimpers. You didn't want to look back at the screen of your computer. So you just thought happy thoughts. The time you and Kizami prank called all those restaurants and random homes and ended up laughing your asses off. Or the parties you've went to and all the holidays you spent with your friends since your parents were too busy with there jobs to celebrate with you. But a nagging feeling kept invading your mind, as if you really did forget something important. You racked your brain for clues, but it didn't seem to register. You quit whimpering and rocking, now going into full thought mode, trying to think of what was missing. You were immediately ripped from your thoughts, as a bitterly cold hand started to rub circles on your back. You jumped, rapidly looking up to see the owner of the deathly cold hand.

You never expected what you saw..

A boy, almost your age, maybe about three years younger, sat directly in front of you, between the laptop and you, his hand outstretched, arm rounded towards your back so he could rub it. In the position he had to get in to reach behind you, caused his face to be close to yours. It sent shivers down your spine. He was very pale. His eyes, or eye sockets were like a black abyss into nothing. Small red orbs, I guess you could say were his eyes, were in the center of all that inky blackness. Black and red liquid dripping out of said eye sockets, running slowly down his pale cheeks, some of it dripping onto your knees and bedsheets. He looked concerned, but once you looked up at him, it was replaced with a smirk. He had blonde hair, strangely familiar blonde hair, and seemed dressed up like Link from the Legend of Zelda games. For some reason, you felt like you knew him. That smirk, the hair, the green clothing, the way he rubbed your back, as if to comfort you.

"H-h-h-how the hell did you get in here!? Who t-the fuck are you!?" You mentally kicked yourself for stuttering, and scrambled back until your back made contact with the head of the bed. He chuckled, crawling over to your, once again, trembling form. He moved his face close to yours, his icy cold breath tickling your skin.

"Wow (Name)... You seemed to grow even more attractive since the last time I saw you..." He whispered, his pale lips just centimeters from yours, which sent a cherry pink blush up to your cheeks. But that only seemed to amuse him more. He was very attractive- wait, no,  (Name), you have a girlfriend, remember? And how could you say this eyeless stranger is attractive anyway!? You shook your head slightly, causing your nose and his to brush against each other. He chuckled, a sweet sounding one, might I add, which only sent another pink blush to brighten your cheeks.

"What d-do you want?" You murmured, as if your voice was slowly fading.

"You. I wanted to tell you something, but... They just had to drown me..." He grumbled, rolling his 'eyes'. You gave him a confused stare, as if he lost his mind. He frowned at this. "You really don't... Remember me.. Do you...?" He seemed to grow more depressed with each word. You silently gulped, the feeling of guilt built up again in the pit of your heart now, instead of your stomach. He sighed, closing his eyelids before turning a away slightly, his blonde bangs covering his face so you couldn't read his expression. His hair had tangles in it, and seemed a bit wet. A sudden urge to run your fingers through it and make it nice tingled in your fingers. Without realizing it at first, your finger shot up to his hair, running through the soft but dampness of it, combing out any tangles that threaten to ruin its perfection. He seemed to tense up, but quickly relaxed, and leaned into your touch. A sudden rush of memories played in your head with each stroke.



Playing a game of catch with a red ball, a (hair color) haired boy played happily with his new friends he had just made, being new to the area and all. It didn't take him long to fit in perfectly with everybody, seeing that he was a big ball of fun and humor. Right now, the ball had rolled off out of the playground, and one of the female children that were playing went off to get it. A sudden rush of being watched fell over the new boy, making him shift uncomfortably from one foot to the other. He rubbed the back of his head nervously, looking around for anybody who had there eyes set on him. He felt an object hit his foot gently, making him look down. The red ball they were playing with sat there, waiting to picked up. Looking up, he saw the girl running back up, so he assumed she must of threw it back. He bent down and picked it up, looking for to the corner of his left (eye color) eye, spotting a boy, no older or younger than him, wearing a green outfit peeking up out at him from his knees. A small pink blush pinched at his cheeks. He quickly hid his face into his knees once more, after realizing he was caught staring. He quickly looked away, feeling a sense of sympathy for the boy, seeing that he looked like he was crying and seemed to be splattered with mud and dirt. He felt the sudden urge to run his fingers through the blonde hair that sat up on his head, to make it look nice. The other kids tried to get his attention, which shook him out of his thoughts. He tossed the ball back toward them, they all running to catch it as if it was some prized possession. None of them realized he left the area, over to the tree the crying boy was at. He kneeled down next to him, and immediately got to work on the mop of blonde hair, startling the owner of it a bit in the process. He started to hum a tune his mother used to sing every time he got hurt or time to go to bed. He adjusted his spot, making it more comfortable to sit while he worked on combing the dirt and tangles from the surprisingly soft hair. Spotting a pair of blue orbs peeking up at him from the confinements or his arms and knees, he sent a warm smile at him, his fingers still moving through the shaggy hair.

"(n-name)?" A small gasp left the blue-eyed boy, he must not of suspected to see the cute (hair-colored) haired new kid in front of him. He smiled at him, causing another blush to settle on his cheeks.

"Yes?" (Name) replied, his fingers working diligently on fixing his mop of blonde hair.

"W-w-w-what are you d-doing?" He stuttered, which made (Name) chuckle at how cute he thought he sounded.

"Your hair was messy so I'm fixing it for you," He replied honestly, and couldn't help but give him another smile. He could sense the feeling of the other students boring holes at them, and the playground seemed to be completely silent as they stared at the scene before them. But he didn't care, all he cared about was putting a smile on this boy who seemed to have a liking to the color green. "By the way, I never got your name?" He added, curiously, finishing up the now much better looking mop of shaggy hair. Blue eyes looked up at (eye-color) ones, as he hesitantly answered.

"BEN. Spelt with all caps." He murmured. The (hair color) was curious as to why it was spelt like that, but he didn't push any farther. He simply nodded, his smile never faltering.

Since that fateful day, the two have been friends. They both went through thick and thin together, and never left each others side.

They became inseparable.

End of Flashback

"BEN..." His name rolled off your tongue like sweet honey, just like it did all those years ago. He looked up at you, the red orbs in his sockets seemed to brighten at the sound of your voice saying his name.

"Y-you remembered...?" He said, just above a whisper. You smiled, that same, heart-warming smile you sent him the first day the two of you met under that birch tree. This time, he smiled back, instead of avoiding your gaze shyly. You nodded, and that was enough to send him lunging at you, throwing his pale, cold arms around you and hugging you as if there was no tomorrow, and you returned the gesture happily.

"What happened to you BEN...?" You said, your face buried in the crook of his neck, as his was to yours. You felt him sigh, his breath tickling your skin, sending a shivering down your spine.

"I...I drowned... (Name)..." His voice faltered at the end, but you caught what he said. You can sense that he was about to cry if you pushed any farther, so you left it at that, just enjoying the feeling of your best friend in your arms.

But you wished you two were more...

"BEN..." You lifted you head a bit from his neck, resting your chin on his shoulder. "What was that thing you wanted to tell me...?" He tensed in your arms at the question, but eventually relaxed, pulling away just enough so he could look at your face, his arms still securely wrapped around you, as was yours to him. He held a look of nervousness to him, and another look you haven't seen before.

"(Name)... I... I wanted to tell you... That I..." He stumbled.

"Spit it out." You said, but smirked playfully. He sent you a half-hearted glare, before chuckling, you joining in. "But seriously, dude, what is it?" He rolled his 'eyes' before sighing.

"The day I... Umm... D-drowned..." He looked down at your shirt, avoiding your gaze, attempting to hold back tears, "was the day I wanted to tell y-you... I.. Umm..." He clenched his eyes shut. "I LOVE YOU (NAME)!!" He yelled, burying his face in your chest, his face exploding it a million different shades of red.

"(Name), do you have some one up there!?" You heard your mom yell from downstairs.

"N-NO! IT WAS A VIDEO I W-WAS WATCHING! Y-YEAH THAT..." You lied. A few moments of silence before she replied back.

"Well keep it down then!" And you breathed a sigh in relief. You almost forgot BEN was practically straddling you, face buried deep into the fabric of your shirt, after saying he loved you. Wait... Did he...? Your (eye color) eyes widen, a blush on your cheeks grew just as big as his. It took you a while to process the information, find your voice, and then reply.

"I-I love you too BEN..." He looked up from your (fav color) shirt, eyes wide.

"R-r-really?" He stammered, clutching a fistful of your shirt in his hands. You chuckled, he looked so innocent and fucking cute with that expression! Even if he was bleeding from his eyeless sockets and to anyone else, he'd probably would seem like a monster. But not you.

"Really." You replied. A grin broke out onto his face and a small squeal left his lips before those same lips made sweet contact with yours. Your eyes widen in surprise, but fluttered shut as both your lips moved in sync with each other. You've never felt so in heaven before. Not even Kathy could make you feel like the weight of the world disappeared and the only thing that mattered was the two of you.

But it did with BEN.

You best friend.
I feel like could add more descriptiveness to my stories. I feel like I just rush to the end way to fast. ;_;

BEN Drowned: Jadusable
You: BEN/yourself
Story, Luke, Kizami, Eden, Kathy, and any other names I mentioned: Me
Image: Not sure who, but not me
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